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Personal Waist Clip Fan Face Neck Hanging Desk Mini Air Cooling Fan & Power Bank

Personal Waist Clip Fan Face Neck Hanging Desk Mini Air Cooling Fan & Power Bank

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Waist Clip Fan (Blue/Green)
-Free hands:Can be hung on the waist or neck. Perfect for outdoor carry.
- Rechargeable battery : Equipped with a 4000mAh battery, with maximum working time of 16 hours and a minimum working time of 3.3 hours
- 3 speeds: Speed 1: 4500 rpm, Speed 2: 6000 rpm, Speed 3: 7200 rpm   
- Provides 3 speeds of wind speed selection: The minimum wind is gentle, the maximum wind is strong, the noise is low.
- Support small fan to charge while working.
- Multiple intelligent safety protection: Over voltage, over charge, over
discharge and short circuit protection.
-Widely use: For Working, Farm, Fishing, Gardening .

Cell type: Lithium polymer cell
Battery capacity: 4000mAh (3.7V/14.8Wh)
Rated capacity: 2300mAh(5V/2A)
Energy conversion rate: ≥75%
Type-C input: 5V---2.0A Max
Micro input: 5V---1.7A Max
USB output: 5V---2.1A Max
Working status: low-grade 6V--0.15A, mid-range 9V---0.22A
high-grade 11.8V---0. 36A
Working time: 16 hours for low gear, 5 hours for medium gear, 3.3
hours for high gear
Charging time: about 3-4 hours
Size: 7.5*4*10.5cm/2.95”*1.57”*4.13”
Housing material: ABS+ TPU
USB cable length: 28 CM/11”
Color: blue

Steps for usage
1. Shortly press the power switch, and the indicator light will light up. Short press the power switch 4 times successively, which are low, medium, high and shut down.
2. Adjust the angle of the wind vane so that the wind blows to the part that needs to be blown.

Package including:
1*USB cable 
1*Neck strap 
1*User manual
Neck Fan (Black)
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