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Active Man Daily Conditioner

Active Man Daily Conditioner

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Strengthens & thickens hair with Panax Ginseng & Peach Leaf

Reduces excess oil & soothes scalp inflammation with Licorice Root & Aloe Vera

Boosts healthy growth while reducing loss with Swertia Japonica & Tsubaki Oil


Brand:Blackwood For Men


Having thicker, healthier hair isn't easy. Let Active Man Daily Conditioner do the work for you with more than a dozen natural Botanical Boosts that soothe the scalp & strengthen every strand.

Some of these natural powerhouses help reduce the excess oils & inflammation that can clog pores & inhibit growth. Others help block the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that can lead to premature baldness. And some stimulate repair, so that the hair you have grows in softer & fuller, with less premature greying. Together, they provide the muscle to lift your hair to the next level & keep it there for decades to come.

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